After I had my third baby, using Dinners Done Personal Chef Service was a
great alternative to living on manufactured convenience food.  We wanted a
wide variety of healthy, made-from-scratch dinners that were convenient,
delicious and nutritious.  Brenda took the time to understand my family’s
food preferences and customized her meals to them.  I enjoyed having her in
my home and she is a great cook, always coming up with something new.  I
would happily recommend Brenda to anyone who appreciates good food.



Brenda is a blessing!
My father's cooking skills are very limited and my mother's energy and enthusiasm
for cooking and eating is next to zero due to lengthy health issues. Meals had become
a source of conflict. Then Brenda interviewed them about their likes, special needs and
came up with options that appealed to both of them. Eating a variety of nutritious meals
is now as easy as remembering to take a container out of the freezer. Harmony has been



References are available on request.